We watch the Three Rivers Festival fireworks from our balcony. The grandkids love it. And the Christmas Santa Claus display sparkles outside our dining room window in the winter.  The River Greenway is just across the bridge, and I frequently walk and jog along the river through the Old Fort and Lawton Park.

It is a two block walk to City Hall, and a one block walk to several fine restaurants.  On warm summer nights we stroll over to Coney Island for dinner.

I have lived at Three Rivers for over 13 years and find it convenient, safe, well maintained, and friendly.

Since it is located at the center of town, it is easy to get to all other parts of town.  And it has underground parking, which is particularly nice in winter.

Since I was tired of doing lawn work and home maintenance, Three Rivers Apartments have worked out great.  I do recommend them.

Winfield C. Moses, Jr.

“Vaios I have lived here for 9 years and I have never been so proud of my home. I now bring my family and friends here and they all proud to say their grandfather live at Three Rivers. Thank you.”

Resident comment after total remodel of North Building ‘06

Dear Management:

I want to thank you for all the work that you have put into the building recently.  The new lobby is wonderful (and I love the cookies).  I feel much safer with the security system in place and the key fobs make getting the groceries into our apartment so much easier! 

My husband and I have lived in Dayton Towers for just six months, but it’s become our home.  We love our apartment, our view of St. Anne’s Hill, our neighbors and the location.  By husband has a quick commute to Beavercreek on 35 and I walk to work downtown.   

Thank you for the thought and care that you have put into the building.  I’m very happy to be a resident of Dayton Towers.

Amelia O'Dowd -Dayton Towers

Dayton Towers,

As a tenant of Dayton Towers for 18 months, I just wanted to say Thank You to the great many changes the property is taking on.  It is most uplifting and I am impressed with the updated features that have transpired over the past months .  I am very proud to bring my family and friends to my home now, as I have heard a great many compliments regarding the security features and the new look of the lobby. 

Keep up the good work!

Dear Manager:

I wanted to send a letter of sincere thanks to both you and your staff. I have been a tenant of Dayton Towers for 3 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my home here at the Towers.

The location could not be more perfect! My husband and I love taking walks through the park to our favorite restaurants or enjoy just sitting on our balcony taking in the spectacular views over a glass of wine!

 I would also like to give kudos to the people who work in the building I am always greeted with a warm smile.  This place is always clean and well maintained.

The new look in the lobby is fantastic and I am excited to see what you guys will do next!!!

Dear Three Rivers Staff,

I absolutely love Three Rivers Luxury Apartments as it was even more than I ever expected.  I thoroughly enjoy the resident parties you have for the residents as will as the services you provide, such as on-site dry cleaning and much more. In addition, you have a great office staff as well as a great maintenance staff…you really go out of your way. It has been so nice having Three Rivers Marketplace (convenience store) here at the community.

The community always looks so nice and the location is perfect for me. I would definitely refer my friends and family to Three Rivers Luxury Apartments. It’s my home.


Dr. Pam Dhillion (resident of Three Rivers)


Coffee and Cookies in the morning

Dear Deana,

I can’t tell you enough how happy I am that your new company has taken over the building (Dayton Towers). The lobby is stunning and most of all I love the breakfast setup you put out every morning. I have to admit that I don’t need anymore cookies! But I have lived here for 5 yrs and have never met so many of my neighbors. It is so nice to see everyone talking in the lobby and enjoying each other. To be honest a month before you bought the building I was looking for a new place to live. And I am so glad I never left. I have more new friends and things to do. And of course your smiling face everyday.

Once again thank you!

Charles Anderson


This month I did a resident brunch as my monthly resident function. I had Santa come for the kids. I have attached a couple of pictures for you in case you would like to use some of  these on the website too.



Melissa Geis
Property Manager
Lakeview Towers
V.T.T. Management, Inc.




Dear Vaios,

We have had a wonderful Christmas this year at Lakeview Towers. Last night Linda and I went to the Oklahoma Home for Orphanage and gave them presents from VTT and the residents. We brought pizza and presents so we could share dinner and Christmas with the children. They were so sweet and couldn’t thank us enough. However they are the ones I want to thank. Such wonderful children brightened up my Holidays.

Merry Christmas!!

Melissa Geis

Property Manager
Lakeview Towers
V.T.T. Management, Inc.


Dear Melissa,

These are the children’s thank you notes to your residents and staff. The children really enjoyed writing with you and Linda. They have been playing with the wonderful gifts you gave them and also the extra toys and books. Of course they always like pizza and pop. Thanks for sharing part of  your Christmas kindness with us at Memorial Cottage!


Oklahoma Baptist Home for Children


Dear Friends,

I am havings much fun with my corvette radio control car. I like your visit and the pizza. Thanks for the giftcard I like my clothes tool


Tristan/ Boy- 5yrs old


Dear Friends,

Thank you for the Beauty Shop doll. I have been doing her hair all night. It is fun.

I liked the pizza and mountain dew. I will buy something I like with the Target gift card.


 Lilly/  Girl 11yrs old

Dear Friends,

I really like the lighting McQueen and Tater radio control cars, they are fun to drive. I had more pizza and pop after you left. I will buy something great at Target with the gift card. Thank you Melissa so much!

Anton/ Boy age5

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the pet shop bin and the coin sorter and beanie hat. I will also enjoy shopping with the gift card. You are very kind to us.


Amy/ Girl 8yrs old