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VTT engages in the acquisition, ownership, management and redevelopment of prime residential, commercial properties within the United States.  With our strong financial position, premier assets and an experienced and dedicated management teams, we are confident in our ability to deliver on our financial performance targets. 

 “VTT Properties is managed by an elite corporate staff, which pursues winning investment opportunities, delegates responsibilities to proficient and motivated managers, sets prescribed management goals for its operating units, ensures that managers are provided with incentives to meet these goals and monitors their progress daily, incorporating 21st. Century fail-safe technologies.” 

Mr. Mike Reed, Chief Operation Officer

VTT’s Investment Criteria

We are actively buying infill locations in the Southeast and Midwest.
Minimum 200 units and up
We acquire distress properties either through vacancy or management.
We prefer “Value Added” property acquisitions
B and C product only
We specialize in High Rise construction in U.S. Urban areas 

Please contact Mike Reed for info.
Phone: 508-820-4961 ext. 230 or e-mail: