Charitable Work

We’re proud of our employees’ charitable work!

Most of our employee’s do charitable work of some kind. This spirit of sharing and sacrifice is what makes VTT successful.

Habitat for Humanity

“Our country’s disenfranchised urban areas must be revitalized, nurtured and brought back into America’s wealth equation! This disparity can no longer be ignored or tolerated. It's a shameful scar that cannot be corrected quickly enough! Genuine prosperity begins at home; and VTT is totally committed to healing this scar today and everyday!” 

“If we do not all soar, we only deceive ourselves that we will not then all descend.
As they fall, so shall we all!”

Vaios Theodorakos
VTT’s Founder and CEO

Oklahoma Baptist Home for Children

Dear Melissa,

These are the children’s thank you notes to your residents and staff. The children really enjoyed writing with you and Linda. They have been playing with the wonderful gifts you gave them and also the extra toys and books. Of course they always like pizza and pop. Thanks for sharing part of  your Christmas kindness with us at Memorial Cottage!


Oklahoma Baptist Home for Children


Dear Friends,

I am havings much fun with my corvette radio control car. I like your visit and the pizza. Thanks for the giftcard I like my clothes tool


Tristan/ Boy- 5yrs old


Dear Friends,

Thank you for the Beauty Shop doll. I have been doing her hair all night. It is fun.

I liked the pizza and mountain dew. I will buy something I like with the Target gift card.


 Lilly/  Girl 11yrs old

Dear Friends,

I really like the lighting McQueen and Tater radio control cars, they are fun to drive. I had more pizza and pop after you left. I will buy something great at Target with the gift card. Thank you Melissa so much!

Anton/ Boy age5

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the pet shop bin and the coin sorter and beanie hat. I will also enjoy shopping with the gift card. You are very kind to us.


Amy/ Girl 8yrs old