Sobre a V.T.T. Management

Our Mission: Eliminate Urban Blight—One City At A Time!!

VTT Management specializes in the acquisition, revitalization and management of undervalued and distressed real estate. We have become a leader in the property acquisition market by using a proven, hands-on approach to ensure project success and resident satisfaction.

VTT Management: a history of success

Since its first acquisition in 1987, VTT Management has an impressive track record of transforming marginal residential and commercial properties into a profitable, diversified real estate portfolio.

Based on the belief that residents are our most valuable assets, we have developed a proven formula for success: provide the highest quality apartment living at an affordable rate with unmatched customer service.

This yields higher occupancy and lower turnover, increasing our profitability. We quickly recover acquisition and improvement capital and then invest the profits into future projects, fueling continuous growth. Our approach has earned us a reputation for quality, integrity and community commitment.

Our success is directly derived from our passionate and dedicated employees. 
Their dedication is truly uncommon. We can’t thank them enough.

Vaios Theodorakos

At VTT Management,
we believe in protecting our real estate investments
one resident at a time.